The original Miller Family Quartet consisted of Nancy's mom Kate, and dad John, along with his brother Ancel and Ancel's wife Betty – who happens to be Kate's sister. From their youth, these young adults both sang and played instruments. Both the ladies played piano and sang. Ancel and John played guitar and sang, with John Miller playing just about any instrument he got his hands on. Kate was soon stricken with rheumatoid arthritis and was eventually unable to play or sing. In time, the group re-formed by bringing in Nancy, sister Patty, brother Dan on bass, and sister-in-law Linda to sing along with “Papaw” John. Memaw Kate had taken on the industrious role of “manager” and made sure everyone stayed in line. They sang many artist's songs, but also some of Nancy's originals. Memaw Kate even helped in the writing of one called “Travelin' the Narrow Highway”.

Memaw Kate passed away in 1992 and many changes took place. Nancy and family moved to Oregon for almost 10 years. The Miller Family then functioned as a trio with dad John, sister Patty and baby sister, Wendy.

When Nancy moved back to California with her husband and youngest son Tim, she found that the family group had not been singing and Papaw was dearly missing it. She determined to get together with her “Pop” to work on a music project of some sort. Little did she know that the sisters would be on board to sing again as well! Along with their usual quartet singing as “The Miller Family”, they also do seasonal Christmas Caroling as a group called “The Glad Tidings Carolers”.

The Miller Family entered a new phase of their ministry in mid 2011 when sister, Wendy, stepped out of the group to care for her young family. They were then joined by Rick Scroggins - cousin and Pastor of Princeton Freewill Baptist Church in Ontario, California. They are enjoying the rich smooth voice that he contributes to the group which is now appropriately called, "The Millers and That Guy".

You may access information about the group by visiting, sending an email inquiry to, or via Facebook on the Princeton Freewill Baptist Church page.

The Lord's Prayer


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